A unique offering in the peanut industry

Wilco provides Texas-grown peanuts to customers all over the world. Shelling and farming expertise combine in Wilco to form an offering that is unique in the industry.

Runner Peanuts

Account for roughly 80% of all US production. Runners provide good roasting, and flavor characteristics and are suitable for everything from peanut butter to candy.

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Spanish Peanuts

Spanish peanuts are identifiable by their more rounded shape, uniform kernels, light pink skins, and sweeter flavor. Their excellent flavor profile makes them ideal for specialty candy as well as packaged, roasted and salted peanuts.

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Virginia Peanuts

Virginia peanuts have the largest kernel size. They are commonly seen as a salted and roasted in shell product.

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From good hands

Wilco buys peanuts from local family operations whose employees are often additional family members. This means our producers have irreplaceable hands-on expertise and attention to detail.